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MailSite for Small Businesses
One Price Bundle
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Get All The MailSite Services For One Great Price

With the MailSite Full subscription you get one year subscriptions for all the MailSite add on services included in the price saving you money

No Hidden Extras - One Year, One Price, All These Extra Features:


MailSite Anti-Virus is a fully integrated virus filtering solution for MailSite that protects your email network from viruses and other email-borne mal-ware.  By protecting your email server MailSite Anti-Virus prevents lengthy and costly down time.

MailSite has partnered with AVG to fully integrate the AVG advanced anti-virus scanning engine into the core of the MailSite Fusion to provide you with full protection against viruses. Read More


MailSite Anti-Spam is a layered spam protection solution that integrates blacklists, whitelists and Greylisting with an advanced spam analysis and scoring engine to deliver comprehensive protection for email users from spam and phishing messages. Read more


MailSite Fusion mobile server is compatible with all ActiveSync smartphones to push email, calendar and contact updates over-the-air. MailSite Fusion is compatible with every smart-phone including Windows Mobile, iPhone, Nokia, Palm and BlackBerry Smartphones with AstraSync installed. Read More

Calendar Server

MailSite Calendar Server is a state-of-the-art calendar server for sharing calendars between co-workers, colleagues, family and friends.  MailSite Calendar Server has been designed to easily and quickly connect to Microsoft  Outlook 2007 without requiring any plug-ins.  Read More


All MailSite Fusion License Subscriptions above 20 mailboxes include technical support at no additional cost. MailSite SE and LE is bundled with 8x5 support and MailSite SP is bundled with 24x7 support.  Read More

Software Upgardes

Recieve a free upgrade to all the new verisons of MailSite released during the year including a subscription for any new features!

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Outlook Sync
Syncing your Outlook account is fast and easy. Learn more about how MailSite can help you integrate your Outlook email, calendar, and contacts.
MailSite 10
Register now and enjoy enhanced sieve filters, IMAP, POP, and SMTP performance enhancements and Outlook Native Support with synchronised calendars and contacts.

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