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Setting up a Secure Server for ExpressPro or Express
Document #:10455

Applies To:
  • ExpressPro 8.x, 9.x
  • Express All


This document explains how to setup IIS to use secure connections.

More Information:

There are 3 stages that must be done in order to enable secure connections for Express and or ExpressPro.

Install the certificate:

  1. Obtain a certificate. We recommend you purchase a certificate from a known certificate authority such as Verisign, GoDaddy etc. The CN name of the certificate should match the server name. For example if you access webmail using mail.server2.com/expresspro, then the CN name of the certificate should be 'mail.server2.com'. You can also generate your own certificate, but your users will get warnings when they try to access the site about the certificate not being trusted. Obtaining a certificate from a known/trusted vendor will prevent this.
  2. Open IIS, right click Default Web Site, and click Properties
  3. Click the Directory Security tab, then Server Certificate, this opens the Web Server Certificate Wizard, click Next
  4. Choose Import a certificate from a .pfx file and click Next
  5. Click Browse and select the certificate that is to be installed, click Next
  6. Enter the password and click Next
  7. Choose the SSL port number and click Next
  8. Confirm the information is correct and click Next then Finish

Confirm the certificate was installed correctly:

  1. To confirm that the certificate was installed properly, run MMC.exe
  2. Click file then Add/Remove Snap-in
  3. Click Add, then double click Certificates in the Add Standalone Snap-in window
  4. Choose Computer account and click Next then Finish
  5. Close the Add Standalone Snap-in window and click OK on the Add/Remove Snap-in window
  6. Under Console Root, expand the Certificates (Local Computer) tree
  7. Click Personal then double click Certificates in the right side window
  8. If the certificate was installed correctly, it will show up on the right side window

Enable SSL for ExpressPro or Express:

  1. Open IIS, expand the Web Sites tree
  2. Expand the Default Web Site tree
  3. Right click ExpressPro or Express and click on Properties
  4. Click Directory Security
  5. Under Secure Communications, click Edit
  6. Click Require secure channel (SSL)

SSL and Certificates explained in detail follow this link SSL and Certificates (IIS 6.0)

For further details on configuring IIS with Certificates please follow this link Configuring SSL on a Web Server or Web Site (IIS 6.0)

To make ensure that your customers go to the HTTPS site if they enter a HTTP link are automatically passed to the HTTPS without error please read this article Redirecting Bookmarked Requests to SSL-Enabled Content (IIS 6.0)


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Last revised 2013-9-19

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