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MSBACK utility
Document #:10059

Applies To:
  • MailSite All

Using the MSBACK utility to save current settings and migrate to a new server. MSBACK can be used with the Registry Connector. For customers running the SQL Connector, the MSIMPORTEXPORT.exe tool should be used.

More Information:

The use of MSBACK will allow you to back up and save all your current user information and settings within MailSite to a plain text file.

Backing up MailSite

To create a back up file of your configuration, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a command window
  2. change to the MailSite directory
  3. Type the following: MSBACK [path]\filename.msb
For example msback backupfile.msb

It is recommend to archive a backup copy of your msback file in case of hardware failure or corruption*

Restoring MailSite
  1. Create a new msback file with your latest settings
  2. STOP all the MailSite services
  3. XCOPY the \BOX directory over to the new server. You should ensure you retain the NTFS timestamps when moving the data over.
  4. Copy the msback file to the new server
  5. Restore the settings with the following command:

    MSBACK -RESTORE filename.msb

  6. Open the MailSite console and verify the SPOOL & Box directories are pointing to the correct location.
  7. Start the MailSite services
  8. Verify that the MX records are pointing to the correct IP addresses.

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Last revised 2011-11-16

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