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Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname
Document #:10076

Applies To:
  • MailSite 4
  • MailSite 5
  • MailSite 6


MailSite 4,5 and 6 uses the computer name as the EHLO/HELO host when delivering. You may see delivery failures reporting:

Delivery failed error message from remote server: Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname.

More Information:
If you receive the above message, follow the steps below to resolve the issue:
  1. Get the properties for My Computer, next click the tab; Network Identification.
  2. Click the properties button
  3. Under Computer name specify the HOST / Computer (example; mail)
  4. Next click the More button
  5. Where it says, "Primary DNS suffix of this computer; enter your primary domain name.
  6. Click OK and OK again
Now full computer name is: mail.domain.com

** You may have to restart the system**

If running MailSite 7 or later, then please review KB 10367 (see related items).

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Last revised 2008-8-20

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