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Using SMTPDA for Reprocessing Messages
Document #:10549

Applies To:
  • MailSite 10.x

MailSite v10 has replaced the old MSSendMessages tool with a new one.

More Information:

To reprocess messages in version 10.x you will now need to use the smtpda executable rather than mssendmessages.

Usage: smtpda -process path [-rcpt to] [-parseenv]

By default -process path will send .MSG/.RCP pairs into SPOOL\incoming.
With -parseenv, if the .RCP is missing, it will be derived from the .MSG just like the older MsSendMessages did.
-rcpt to allows you to specify the intended recipients to email the messages to. With -rcpt, we ignore any existing .RCP, but if -parseenv is set we'll send to the recipients in the .MSG file in addition to the -rcpt recipients.

Example Use

Use the following command to reprocess message files (.msg) that do not have a corresponding .rcp file where the msg files reside in the folder C:\testMsg

C:\Program Files\MailSite\> smtpda.exe -process C:\testMsg -parseenv

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Last revised 2016-10-12

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