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Manually Creating the AirSync Virtual Directory in IIS
Document #:10550

Applies To:
  • MailSite 10.x
  • ExpressPro 10.x

In some situations the installer may fail to create the virtual directory needed for AirSync. Follow the steps below to create it manually.

More Information:

Windows 2003/IIS 6

Open IIS. Expand the tree on the left hand side till you find the Web Site > Default Web Site (or other if you have it setup)for ExpressPro.

Right click on the Default Web Site (or other) and choose New > Virtual Directory. Click Next. Enter the Alias Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync. Click Next Enter the path to your AirSync directory. By default this will be C:\Program Files\MailSite\WebServices\Service.AirSync. Click Next. Choose Read from the permissions. Click Next.

Open the new virtual directories properties. On the Virtual Directory Tab check that the Application Name is set to Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync. If this box is greyed out click the Add button at the side then enter the text. Check that the Execute Permissions are set to Scripts only. Set the Application Pool to use ExpressPro.

On the Directory Security Tab. Press Edit on the Authentication and access control. Enable anonymous access and enter the username and password of your MSIISUSER to match what you have set here under the ExpressPro virtual directory in IIS. Press Ok.
If you do not know the password of your MSIISUSER then you will need to reset this under the computers Administrative Tools before entering it into this box. You will then need also to update the password in all the other ExpressPro, WSS and WebCal virtual directories.

On the ASP.NET tab set the ASP.NET version to be 4.0.30319. Press OK. Press Yes to restart IIS.

Set up a test account on an ActiveSync device and test that they can connect.

Last revised 2016-10-12

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