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Domain migration using MSimportexport.exe
Document #:10133

Applies To:
  • MailSite 8.x
  • MailSite 9.x

Using MSimportexport.exe you can migrate individual domains to another MailSte server. This is in MailSite 8 and later

More Information:

The syntax for msImportExport.exe is as follows:

 -[im|ex]port filename
 -server [-property old1[:new1][,old2[:new2]]..]
 -domains [-property old1[:new1][,old2[:new2]]..]
 -domain domainname [-property old1[:new1][,old2[:new2]]..]
 -mailboxes [-plugin old1[:new1][,old2[:new2]]..] 
 -mailbox mailboxname [-plugin old1[:new1][,old2[:new2]]..]
 -maillists [-plugin old1[:new1][,old2[:new2]]..] 

Mailbox plugin types:
NumberMailbox type Comment
0RegistryMailbox information stored in Registry
1NT User Mailbox information stored in Registry and in NT user database
2DatabaseStores mailbox name, domain and password in ODBC/ SQL database
4SQLStores all mailbox information in ODBC/ SQL database

To migrate a domain from the old server to the new server, follow the instructions below: -Export the current domain from MailSite * please refer to the plugin types at the begining of this document for conversion options, for eaxmple if you are converting from registry (type 0) to SQL (type 4), then the syntax is :

-plugin 0:4

If you are converting to SQL, or databse type boxes, be sure that you have the database connectivity operational, otherwise it will fail.

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Last revised 2010-7-21

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