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Data Sync
Easily Access, Edit and Sync Email, Calendars, and Contacts
Sync Email
You use Outlook at work but other clients at home? No problem! MailSite Fusion supports a large range of platforms. Whether you enjoy Outlook or prefer other clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Mozilla's Thunderbird, MailSite Fusion centralizes your email accounts in one location for easy access and efficiency. In addition, this mail server enables you to access those accounts from your desktop, your mobile devcie or from the browser of your choice.
Easily Access, Edit and Sync Email, Calendars, and Contacts!
Sync Calendars
Sharing calendars with MailSite Fusion is as easy as sending a link authorizing colleagues, family, and friends to view your schedules. Whoever receives the link can view your schedule from any iCalendar compatable client, including Apple's iCal, Mozilla's Sunbird, Google Calendar, and more. You can simply adjust your preferences and start viewing, editing, and sharing your availability!
Sync Contacts
MailSite Fusion allows you maintain your contacts synchronized from any location!
Learn more about..
Outlook Sync
Syncing your Outlook account is fast and easy. Learn more about how MailSite can help you integrate your Outlook email, calendar, and contacts.
MailSite 10
Register now and enjoy enhanced sieve filters, IMAP, POP, and SMTP performance enhancements and Outlook Native Support with synchronised calendars and contacts.

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