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Small Business
Large Enterprise
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Easy to deploy & administer personal mail server for small businesses that require out-of-the-box mail security

Affordable Professional high volume Windows email hosting server for larger business and enterprises

Secure, full featured Windows POP, IMAP and SMTP server for service providers requiring a quality shared email hosting platform for business or consumers

MailSite Fusion Version 10.4 Released! Mailbox and Domain Administration in ExpressPro....
ISP-Grade Exchange Alternative Email Server Software with Calendar and Contact Sync.
Award Winning MailSite Fusion is a windows email, calendar and contact server with over-the-air push to all types of smartphones, Full native Outlook sync, a sophisticated AJAX web client and a calendar and contact sharing server, which can synchronize and publish to many other clients. MailSite has been voted in the top 3 mail server products by readers of Windows IT Pro Magazine 3 years running.
Why MailSite Fusion?
Your email services are critical to your organization. So you need to be sure that you select a quality product, from a company with a proven track record in communication software.

So, why this mail server? Because Rockliffe understands your concerns, we have been specializing in developing and refining our email server and email security software for business and service providers since 1995. Built from the ground up to be fast, stable and secure, MailSite Fusion is ready to meet the needs and requirements that matter to you most.

Secure and Reliable
Rockliffe has powerful mail security including anti-virus and anti-spam protection, TLS and SSL encryption, Sieve Filters, and more! When you buy from Rockliffe, you are putting the security and reliability of your email services in safe hands.
Native two way sync between Outlook, on your desktop, Webmail and your Mobile Devices through ActiveSync or using our Collaboration Server
MailSite Fusion is designed to be intuitive software, which is easy to set-up, manage and maintain without the need of an IT administrator or expensive training.
MailSite Fusion provides low overhead, low risk rolling upgrades, and around-the-clock technical support at a fraction of Microsoft Exchange’s price, making MailSite a great alternative for those who want an excellent product at an affordable price.
For large implementations, MailSite offers unlimited number of servers with no added fees or costs!
MailSite gives you the freedom to customize your own package to meet your specific needs! Easily add or remove the options you want to incorporate in your subscription.
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