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Transferring Mailsite to another server
Document #:10073

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If you need to transfer your MailSite installation to another server, you can do so by following the procedure below:

More Information:
  1. Backup up any customized MailSite Express and Web Console files
  2. Install the same version of MailSite on the destination computer
  3. Stop the MailSite services on the source and destination computers
  4. Run MSBACK on the source computer to save the configuration to a text file
  5. Copy the text file to the destination computer
  6. Edit the text file using NOTEPAD
  7. Search for InstallDir, MailInBoxDir, MailLogDir and MailSpoolDir
  8. Verify that these directories are correct on the destination computer
  9. Run MSBACK to restore the configuration on the destination computer
  10. Use the XCOPY command to copy the spool and mailbox directories from the source to the destination computer. You should ensure you copy the file attributes when using XCopy. MailSite Express depends upon the NTFS timestamps. If the attributes are not preserved then after the migration MailSite Express will show all emails with todays date.
  11. Copy back the customized express files on to the new machine and check that IIS is looking at the correct location for the files.
  12. Reconfigure the DNS records to point to the IP address of the destination computer
  13. Check the configuration on the destination computer using the Console
  14. Start the MailSite services on the destination computer
  15. Test the destination server by sending a message to yourself with your mail client
If you are using Database or Datacentre / SP(-C) mailboxes you will need to copy over the database and setup the ODBC connection on the new server. You may also need to setup the MailSite services to run under a specific NT user account

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Last revised 2009-4-13

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