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Relaying Email Error
Document #:10151

Applies To:
  • MailSite

Local users may not be able to send mail outside of your domain.

More Information:
If you have the "Require SMTP Authentication for relaying" box checked within the MailSite Console, then you will need to instruct your remote clients to check the option within their e-mail client that says: "MY SMTP SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION". Once they check that box, they will then be able to relay mail through your server, otherwise on your MailSite server under the SMTP Security window: "Accept Mail For Relay From these Friendly HOSTS" enter the IP addresses of the servers in the remote office or their local LAN example: 10.10.10.*

If after this, an error message is received when relaying mail, then please consult the following KB 10003, as outlined below.

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Last revised 2006-9-29

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