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How to reprocess mail with the MSSendMessages command line tool
Document #:10202

Applies To:
  • MailSite 5.x
  • MailSite 6.x
  • MailSite 7.x
  • MailSite 8.x
  • MailSite 9.x

A utility for reprocessing .MSG files through MailSite. This utility is used when the you only have access to .msg file and not the .rcp file. If you have access to both .msg and .rcp you can drop those into the Spool\Incoming folder for reprocessing.

The return path for the message is taken from the 'Sender' or 'From:'
header, and the recipients are taken from the TO: and CC: headers only. BCC recpients will be lost as they are never listed in the message headers.

More Information:
Usage: mssendmessages [DontStartSMTPRA] -DirectoryName "Directory Path" >*\Results.html



  • DontStartSMTPRA
    If specified, the program will make no attempt to start SMTPRA the local machine.
  • -DirectoryName "\Directory Name"
    This specifies the directory to search for *.MSG files, which will be re-processed. When specifying a folder path with a space, be sure to enclose the directory path within double quotes.
  • Optional Results Output log: >Results.html
    Within this specified (html) file; you'll see the progress/results of the MSSendMessages utility, in an easy to read HTML document.

Command Line Example:
MSSendMessages.exe -DirectoryName C:\temp > results.htm

How It Works:
This utility will search the directory specified for *.MSG files to be reprocessed. The utility will scan each message for a valid e-mail address within the To: Cc: Using the 'From:' address when processing the messages. It is recommend to move the .msg files to a temp directory and then run this command. Mssendmessages.exe does NOT delete the original message once it has been processed. You can view the results by opening result.html file.

Important Note:
Be sure to add the Local Loop-back IP Address ( into the Security > Security Properties | "Accept Mail For Relay From these Friendly hosts" | Add -->

When the process has finished - you may then Delete the folder containing all of the old *.MSG files which have now been re-processed.

This utility should be found within the root of the MailSite folder; if this file is not found you may download it from the following link: Download MSSendMessage.zip

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Last revised 2011-11-30

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