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Setting up MailSite with a Gateway
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  • MailSite

This document details how to set up MailSite when used in conjunction with a gateway.

More Information:

MailSite 6.1.22 and later provides functionality for administrators to force authentication for local delivery and exempt friendly hosts.

If you implement a gateway in front of MailSite, then you will need to:

  • Change your MX records for your domain(s) to point to the gateway. Remove any MX record pointing to MailSite. Your DNS administrator can arrange this for you.
  • In the MailSite Console under Security > Security Properties > Anti Spam, select the option 'Require smtp authentication for local delivery'. Also select 'Friendly hosts are exempt from this requirement'.
  • Enter the IP or IP wildcard range of your gateway in the 'Accept mail for relay from these friendly hosts' option. In MailSite 7.0.3 and later you can also enter a CIDR range.
  • Any client/server that tries to connect directly to the MailSite server to send email will now need to authenticate (except for the Friendly hosts).
  • Only your local users (hosted in MailSite) and your gateway should be connecting to MailSite. Your local users will need to select the option 'My outgoing server requires SMTP authentication'. This option is within the email client.
  • You can also enter your local office or network IP range in the 'accept mail for relay from these friendly hosts' to permit them to send through the server without authenticating.

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Last revised 2010-7-14

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